Myself: Toby Fox Myself: Toby Fox Myself: Toby Fox, playing my guitar in a field

Hello. I'm Toby.

I'm an 18 year old student from Sheffield.

I'm studying Computer Science at Uni of York

I make small websites.

I'm pretty good with photoshop.

My video production is pretty good too.


Website design at


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PJS Music

I installed the website and modified the main website layout on the Opencart ecommerce system, creating all the graphics that are visible including the logo. I currently manage the shop website and update periodically with ways to increase online sales. This includes finding products, SEO or design changes.

See the website

My work is also instore, and alongside helping customers I run our live chat support system. My work has also led to three large bannors being produced, as well as thousands of business and discount cards. I also upgraded the till system to use a database linked POS interface and installed a receipt printer to print my own custom receipts.

Xtreme Sound Systems

I also designed the website for PA Hire company Xtreme Sound Systems. Please take a look below. The website is mobile friendly, and features a simple form and animations.

See the website


Video Production

I am a competent video producer and avidly create videos for special events as a hobby.

Seventh Son

Rock band Seventh Son (website) asked me to produce a music video for their single "Living On A Time Bomb". I completed the project and am very proud of my work. It can be seen on the band's Youtube channel, embedded below.

Audio Production

URY (University Radio York)

I am a member of the engineering team for the student run University Radio York. This entails using/ installing broadcast equipment and setting up for outside broadcasts around York and the campus.

Xtreme Sound Systems

For a number of years I have worked with Xtreme Sound Systems to provide quality sound system hire and sound engineering. During this time I have learned how the system works and know my way around the desk.


Barnsley College 2013 - 2015

Computing A2 - A*

Maths A2 - A

Chemistry A2 - A

Geography AS - B

Ecclesfield School 2008 - 2013

Astronomy – C

Biology – A*

Chemistry – A

Electronics – A*

English Lit – A

English Lang – A

French – A

Further Maths - B

Geography – A*


Maths – A*

Physics – A

Psychology – C

RE – A

Statistics – A

Work Experiences

PJS Music Services

Website design/ maintenance and online retail

June 2013 – PRESENT

I designed the main website layout and created graphics for the website, checked all the prices etc. I currently manage the shop website and update periodically with ways to increase online sales. This may include finding products, SEO or design changes.

I also have an actve role in fulfilling orders, organizing the shop and assising customers. Some of my role involves handling money, thus I have been till trained.

Xtreme Sound Systems

Sound Engineering Assistant

June 2013 – PRESENT

I have assisted Xtreme Sound Systems by running wires/ carrying equipment on short notice. These, sometimes 15 hour+, shifts have made me more knowledgeable about how live sound works, and I am learning how to work the mixing desk.

This job requires me to be patient and fast working, and has sealed me as a prominent member of the Xtreme team.

URY (University Radio York)


October 2015 - PRESENT

Engineering for URY entails repairing, installing and using broadcast equipment including PAs, desks and mics. Setting up outside broadcasts is a main priority, but sound engineering for live bands and events happens regularly.

Exit Stage Left

Volunteer position for local theatre group

July 2012

I created and managed spreadsheets keeping records of which newspapers were attending the performance at Edinburgh Fringe festival, and organised lists of props etc. I was trusted with keeping to my own schedule and was punctual throughout this.


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  • Search engine optimised - with plenty of keywords and everything else that the major search engines look out for

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